22, Jun, 2021
Coach House Reveal-Front Roe by Louise Roe

Coach House Reveal-Front Roe by Louise Roe

The Coach House display area is one of the last areas shown to you. I kept this until the end, because I knew I wanted it to be my own small hotel, so it was a mixture of antiques, Los Angeles items, and items left over from the main house. The true fusion of the new and the old; inheritance and purchase give Coach House its own identity, we have done all this with a small amount of money, so it did not cost us a lot of money. Take a look at the photos of the coach house shown below and let me know what you think!

The curtains are beautiful vintage Laura Ashley prints, inherited from the previous owner. I like them, so I use them as a springboard for color schemes.The walls are 75 green after Farrow and Ball This is left by the painting of the main bathroom of our main house. The wall itself is a mixture of works of art: the botanical prints are from a book that I framed in Los Angeles, and the sketches are part of a larger collection of antiques I found in New York (the rest are in Honor’s nursery), and the ones in the bedroom The print was found in an antique shop and sold for £10!

The furniture in Coach House is quite simple-there used to be a big Campaign-style box in our Los Angeles bedroom, and I like to see it in a new environment.The lights, including the beautiful coral lights, also came from Los Angeles (a lot of furniture recycling was done here-we rewired the lights for the UK), and the bedside table was found in an antique shop in Dorking, Surrey during a weekend walk. Wakewood This is where I buy a lot of things for my family.Sofa is a Snug Sofa Pine Green Double Seat It is very suitable for compact hotels because there is storage space under it.

Coach House has its own kitchenette and bathroom, so it is very suitable for large families or friends from Los Angeles; I like to think back to the days when it really had carriages and horses before it was remodeled!


Louise Love

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