22, Jun, 2021
Guest bedroom display-Louise Rowe’s former Roy

Guest bedroom display-Louise Rowe’s former Roy

The guest room is one of the rooms where attention to detail is most needed. I always hope that this house is a place where we can have a lot of friends. We are lucky to be able to create some very lovely spaces. So here is the room display!

This room is the largest room with an en suite bathroom.although Eave bedroom Comfortable and warm, the rooms have plenty of natural light. The wooden floors, the original marble fireplace, and even the remnants of the servant clock all mean that the style needs to be more traditional.The wall we painted is Nymph Emue’s thigh after Edward Burmer This is a beautiful pink.For the bed, I know exactly what shape I want, so I drew the scallop shape of the headboard on the wall. My vision is that the wonderful Tor is in Westcott House. The fabric is Osmunda ivy on the stone after Thorne We also use it to make curtains.Our bedding is the same as our bedroom in Los Angeles, it comes from White company– I like Toulon Collection.

The wall lamp is Chukka antique brass finish From Little devil. I found wicker shades EBay They just fit! How lucky.The bedside lamp is from 94th Edition with Raffia fan-shaped lampshade after Matilda Gold. The dressing table comes from Habitat I like it because it matches perfectly with the wicker lampshade and does not take up space. I put an antique rose-patterned jug on it, giving it the feeling of a real traditional English country house. The chest of drawers is also an antique; I didn’t buy it at first, but when I got home, I couldn’t help but think about it, so I went straight to buy it. If you can’t stop thinking about something you didn’t buy, then it means you should… at least, this is my idea!

Above the fireplace is an oil painting I found on it EBay. I removed the frame, but I like that it is not hung on the wall but against the wall. The blue pottery is Willow Crossley Burleigh The other vases are from our house in Los Angeles.

In contrast, the en suite bathroom is more comfortable.The walls are Lichen No. 19 after Farrow and Ball we are at Our bedroom with Shell wall lamp by Jim Lawrence I can’t love anymore.The bathtub tray is Jenny Kane I added some dried hydrangeas and very important Diptyque candles. The paintings and bamboo mirrors I found while walking along the river in Paris are from Etsy-you don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories to create the look you want.

The last step in the guest room? Teddy bear belonging to my mother.This room bedroom display is the last one shown to you, but you can see all other bedrooms Here. Which room do you like best?


Louise Love

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