06, Aug, 2021
Everything I bought on Amazon this month

Everything I bought on Amazon this month

Purchases in April include some of my plush slippers Medical kit– I am organizing everything I need for my birth and trying to remember what was useful last time (I will also make a video for you!). Post baby I can’t wait to drink rosé wine in the garden-if I have time? ! – Read the book “Island Hopping” by Amanda Lindroth. This makes me yearn for a holiday in an exotic place, but we have a sunny garden in our new house in London now absolutely!I’ll explain what’s in my hospital bag soon, all these odds and ends can be taken directly from my A kindMa Zong StoreAt the same time, these are all the products I bought on Amazon this month.

What do you want to see in the coming summer: picnics, items to decorate the new house, and a swimsuit or two? Tell me in the comments.

1. Hollow ribbed sweater dress

2. KIKO Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick 404.Rose biscuit

3. The Drop Iona Hooded Sweatshirt Dress

4. Mushroom layered ankle maxi dress

5. Carfia Polarized Tortoiseshell Frame Women Sunglasses

6. The Drop Essen Bow Mule in Merlot Satin

7. The Drop @lisadnyc faux leather long shirt jacket

8. Adeline short sleeve T-shirt

9. Roberts Revival Radio

10. The Drop Marina Furry Cottage slippers

11. ‘Island Hopping: Amanda Lindroth Design’ by Amanda Lindroth

12. The Drop Ana silk V-neck grape juice dress


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