22, Jun, 2021
Beautiful garden dress-Julia Berolzheimer

Beautiful garden dress-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
Dressing, Chloe Bag, Manolo Blahnik sandals

There is nothing I like more than spending time with C hanging out in our garden, picking flowers and produce for later enjoyment.In the warm summer, you will usually find me wearing a beautiful cotton dress, such as This one, Thoughtful and meticulous, comfortable enough to spend several hours in the sun. I have a variety of garden dresses inspired by the beautiful colors and patterns found in the lush landscape around our house.Not surprisingly, this series has become a favorite of people JB category as well as. Find below some of the latest styles that capture the essence of the summer garden.

This layered grid Maxi Light weight, suitable for warm summer and night, lovely matching style is suitable Mini and also!

Comfortable shirring gives this daily garden skirt A flattering fit. It also has the most beautiful yellow.

Fluffy sleeves and ruffled neckline give this Flower mini A soft and romantic touch.

Green plaid mini dress

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