22, Jun, 2021
Beautiful mirror-Julia Berozheimer

Beautiful mirror-Julia Berozheimer

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Matte dress, Gianvito Rossi sandals; Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey mirror

Mirrors can really open up a room, reflecting light, decoration, beautiful gardens or charming views. For convenience and beauty, I placed a few mirrors around the house.This big Hand-painted flower mirror It was recently discovered that it entered our home and eventually landed in our main corridor.There are many kinds of mirrors colour, mode, Texture, shape, with size. I prefer mixed styles to match the theme of each room. No matter what others say, there is nothing wrong with the shape or size-it all depends on the overall effect you want to achieve. For some style inspiration, please refer to my current selection of beautiful mirrors below.

This colorful mirror Hand-painted flowers and scalloped edges add beauty and charm. It also has two different sizes (we have a large floor type).

We have a similar antique mirror This style Hang at our entrance. I like how the woven texture adds a relaxed, neutral tone.

The coral-inspired edging adds a unique texture and design to this beautiful piece mirror.

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