22, Jun, 2021
What to wear with knit suits for summer 2021

What to wear with knit suits for summer 2021

I believe you have already seen a version of this knitted suit on Instagram. Sexy knitted bra top with a pencil mid-length skirt. Personally, I like them. This is my favorite way of wearing them.

I like to downplay the sexy of this combination and match my knitted suits with the big ones above, such as the oversized trench coat I wear in this article. An oversized suit jacket or shirt is equally good, because they also add avant-garde elements to this originally elegant and super sexy look.

Another reason I like knitted suits is that they are so versatile. For example, you can easily pair a knitted bra top with jeans or high-waisted pants, or pair a knitted pencil skirt with a simple white T-shirt, structured suit jacket, and architectural high heels.

Although I do like the way that knitted suits are paired with high heels, I also like the way they are paired with more casual shoes such as slippers or sneakers, so if you want a more indifferent atmosphere, just match your shoes.

Andrea Adamo ribbed stretch-knit soft cup bra (Also love This, This, with This A) and hollow rib knit midi Short skirt (Also love This, This with This A) | Neous ankle strap 80mm leather sandals | Bouguessa Hannah plus size ditch In sage (also love This One)

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