22, Jun, 2021
Wedding guest dresses-Julia Berolzheimer

Wedding guest dresses-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
Giambattista Valli dress

After the suspension of wedding celebrations in the past year due to COVID, many brides-to-be and grooms are happy to see their plans finally come true. This summer, we were invited to several weddings that I was looking forward to. My choice of clothing usually depends on the venue, whether the wedding is held outdoors, and the formality of the celebration.Wear cotton, Linen, Organza with silk These are some of my favorite styles. Please see below some of the wedding guest dresses I am considering, including some I recently purchased.

Lightweight crepe fabric gives this colorful Midi dress It fits perfectly and will become one of your summer favorites.

Blue ruffles adorn this mid-length model Linen dress With a built-in corset, it can bring out your own beauty while maintaining comfort.

White floral V-neck dress

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