22, Jun, 2021
When I need to look stylish, my dress

When I need to look stylish, my dress

Whenever I want to dress simple but look stylish, stylish and elegant, I just pair a padded shoulder strap T-shirt with paper bag tapered pants and fine high heels. This super simple combination always makes me get countless compliments, and it will never impress anyone!

Let’s start from the top. I like padded shoulder T-shirts because they combine the ease and simplicity of basic T-shirts with fashionable elements, adding a touch of sophistication to this originally very simple top.

This simple appearance definitely benefits from a highly personalized shoe. Usually, I choose something with bright colors because it will have such a strong visual impact.

I personally like the paper bag waist and tapered trousers because they are a multi-functional item. On my days off, I usually pair them with T-shirts and sneakers, but they look equally good in fun tops and high heels.

I like all the styles below because they look very fashionable with black tops and bright high heels.

Neutral and khaki paper bag waist trousers are also classics. Simple T-shirts and slippers are great during the day, but it’s also fashionable when you add padded shoulder T-shirts and distinctive high heels!

Iron pants (similar to Here, Here, with Here) | T-shirt (similar Here, Here, with Here) | Attico Amber Ankle Strap Pump (Also love These ones with These ones Those ones)

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