22, Jun, 2021
Fun time in the pool-Julia Berolzheimer

Fun time in the pool-Julia Berolzheimer

We have been having fun with family and friends around the swimming pool, playing games and floating on the colorful inflatable rafts. C love to play and find Ring with toy, And sometimes even sneak to the bottom of the steps to retrieve them. Yes, she is a small fish, and we are surprised by her love for water. We made sure to always put water safety first and let her take a special swimming course a few months ago.Pool time is always a pleasure, whether we are swimming, playing or relaxing Floating lounge chair (My personal favorite). This summer, please check out the various toys and games below for you to enjoy in and out of the pool!

Play games like this Catch fish Whether in the bathtub or the swimming pool, it can provide fun and fascinating activities.

I can rest in the pool for a whole day in this pink explosion Floating, Equipped with a mesh base to increase comfort.

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