22, Jun, 2021
Checkerboard printing is a popular trend in 2021

Checkerboard printing is a popular trend in 2021

Although there are several exciting printing trends in the summer of 2021, checkerboard printing is definitely the boldest attempt of the season! So please buy this print below + check out the dress and style of my favorite checkerboard print this summer.

Like most bold prints, I like to design my checkerboard items in solid colors. White, cream and neutral colors are all excellent colors to match with checkerboard printing. I also like to keep my accessories quite few. In this way, they will not compete with bold prints for attention.

I like this light blue checkerboard print very much. Such a simple style, just match it with white (clothing or accent) and add some neutral items to create the look.

I am totally obsessed with neon checkerboard bikini! For such an interesting interpretation of this trend, if you feel that this special print is a bit too bold for your street sports, then an interesting bikini is a good choice!

The great thing about this print is that it is suitable for almost everything from shrinking cardigans and off-the-shoulder dresses to bikinis and even footwear! The color range is also quite wide. So, if the neon lights are a bit too bright or you, choose a checkerboard print with soft tones.

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