05, Aug, 2021
Update on jeans and catsuit suits in 2021

Update on jeans and catsuit suits in 2021

I think jeans and catsuits are my favorite fashion combination all the time. If you happen to like this combination, here is a super fast way to update it to 2021.

Try to pair jeans with knitted tights. Knitted catsuits and tops are a major trend in 2021, and I really like the interesting texture elements that knitting brings to this super simple combination.

Please pay attention to the style of jeans that matches the bodysuit. I’m not saying that skinny jeans are completely outdated, but if you want a top that fits well, try high-rise straight-leg jeans or flared jeans. Personally, I like this combination because it creates a more flattering silhouette. In addition, high-rise jeans with a little flared mouth tend to protrude from the waist, creating an hourglass-shaped silhouette.

Speaking of bodysuits, I recommend using neutral shades. In addition to versatility, neutral tones are also popular this summer. They look great with all kinds of washed denim, so they are easy to shape, and they add a very elegant atmosphere to your look.

Jacquemus Yauco ribbed sweater Catsuit (Also love This, This, with This 1) | Maison Margiela hollow high waist wide legs jeans (Also love These ones, These ones, with These ones Of) | Coperni Baguette Swipe package

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