22, Jun, 2021
Tablescaping 101-Front Roe by Louise Roe

Tablescaping 101-Front Roe by Louise Roe

I really like the beautiful table top. It’s no secret that this baby shower table is very happy to be put together. I can’t wait to look forward to the next time Inès joins us. I’m already planning another corner of our new home, which is perfect for enjoying a chic and colorful lunch, with the sounds of birds and summer sunshine coming in through the windows. This is my tablecloth 101, which can help you create your own summer party.

Mixing pottery creates a truly personal feel-mix and match new and retro patterns and styles on the table.These ones Coquille Plate after Adam Lips for OKA And these Red lacquered plate after Richard Ginori Are some of my current staples. I always think scallops are delicious.These beautiful Shellfish dishes From Carolina Irving and daughters The scallop theme is perfect for me and I have been putting them on my shopping wish list for months.

I want to decorate it like a blooming garden.This tablecloth By Lucy Sherwood And hands–Embroidered napkins by Lottie Merlin pair These velvet bows after CaspisantiThere are several colors of bows, all of which are easy to design for tables throughout the year. I can also see myself taking them out at Christmas.

Flowers in the garden and some color-coordinated candles are the real finishing touch to any tabletop.I like to use old jam canned flowers, but these vase From Little Bird Fort Add a very light and feminine touch, which also matches my tulips perfectly! When light passes through them, they turn part of the table into pink and green, which Honor absolutely loves.The candlestick comes from Essie Granger with Homestay. With the flowers, they added a few different heights to the table to make the whole thing come alive!

Finally, the menu is made up of @posiehallfood. She is very talented and has created incredible food for us. The service was great, including delivery and custom menu discussions.


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