06, Aug, 2021
Father’s Day Gift Guide-Louise Rowe’s Front Roe

Father’s Day Gift Guide-Louise Rowe’s Front Roe

This weekend is Father’s Day. Now Mackenzie is the father of two children. I think he deserves gifts from his daughters. So this is his Father’s Day gift guide.He made a few by himself wish list inside Amazon Store So I picked some of the best discoveries, hoping to give you some inspiration for the current purchase.I also created a Mini Father’s Dayedit inside Amazon Store.


1. O’Neill outdoor oven

2. Philips Sonicare toothbrush

3. NUTRILITE mixer

4. Eat, drink, nap book

For the host

1. Wooden bat and ball set

2. Mescal love

3. Cocktail shaker

4. Seedlip Grove 42

More about

1. Adidas sneakers

2. Desert boots

3. Portland Nubuck Boat Shoes

4. BOSS sneakers

Fashion Accessories

1. Navy Fisherman Sweater

2. Ray-Ban sunglasses

3. Fitbit fitness tracker

4. GANT baseball cap

Louise Love

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