06, Aug, 2021
Summer Refresh Edit-Julia Berolzheimer

Summer Refresh Edit-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
Wayf dress (Also love This one with This one), Carrie Forbes sandals

Usually at this time of the year, I have an incentive to clean the closet. I have experienced it once last month to make room for some new special occasion dresses. This time, my update includes updating old and hardly worn summer items with new styles, patterns and colors.I usually start from shopping cart, A place with many of my favorite everyday designers and brands. I never leave their website empty-handed, I always find at least one new work to add to my shopping cart. Shopbop seems to have found the perfect way to combine the latest trends with basic and classic models, so you can easily buy both at the same time. I like the soft and feminine blue print on this Wayf summer dress and the hint of pink leather on this Carrie Forbes woven sandal that I recently discovered. If you want to refresh your summer wardrobe with beautiful and fresh new styles, please refer to my edit to the Shopbop collection below.

I like to wear this light and flowing seersucker skirt (Last appearance Here) Wear my sneakers and sandals on any day.

A pair of brown leather sandals A must-have item in summer, these slides have wavy shoulder straps for added fun.

This fun floral mini package This summer, the simplest denim or the most elegant dress will be used to show personality.

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