06, Aug, 2021
How do I design cycling shorts in 2021

How do I design cycling shorts in 2021

Today, I will share one of my favorite ways to wear and style cycling shorts this summer. Although I often wear motorcycle shorts in a more casual way (for example with sneakers and sweatshirts), I like to dress them up with sharp suit jackets and high heels.

For example, the clothes I wore in today’s post. First of all, I am a big fan of the combination of motorcycle shorts and suit jacket. The suit jacket adds a nice tailoring element to this look and creates some volume at the top, helping to balance the bottom of the fit. Choosing high heels instead of flat shoes is a personal choice, because you can definitely match a pair of slippers, but I happen to like to add polished high heels to this otherwise rather casual combination.

Although you can definitely try this combination with almost any style of biker shorts, I recommend choosing knitted biker shorts. Personally, I like the way knitted fabrics add a touch of elegance to this casual item.

I like to pair biker shorts with longer loose tops. Whether you decide to match motorcycle shorts with a suit jacket or a waist shirt, you can match it with a slightly looser style. This combination tends to make your outfit more balanced and looks particularly eye-catching when paired with high heels.

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