06, Aug, 2021
Summer vacation clothes-Julia Berolzheimer

Summer vacation clothes-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
LoveShack fancy dress (old, similar Here with Here), Hermes sandals (Cheap version Here), Pajama dress In C

Living so close to the beach and having a few short summer trips on the horizon, I have recently started to increase my collection of vacation clothes. The style I know will keep me cool and comfortable, and it will be the same in the warm summer months.From a One piece of scallop Comfortable Maxi dressWhether in Charleston or visiting the beautiful tropical regions, it is suitable for the style of the sea.Although most vacation clothes are seasonal, there are definitely some items that still exist Essential favorite Year after year. Please see below for the various styles available for your next summer adventure.

This is pretty Maxi dress is has an interesting shell print suitable for summer, which can be easily worn from day to night.

A kind Basket handbag It is one of my favorite summer must-haves. I leave mine outside for quick access anytime, anywhere.

Clothing details:
D’Ascoli dress (similar Here with Here), Manolo Blahnik sandals (Similar, cheaper Here)

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