06, Aug, 2021
Eat your green vegetables and wear them

Eat your green vegetables and wear them

One of my favorite colors to wear, personally, green is so popular in 2021, I am very happy! I like green very much because it offers so many shades to choose from. Mint, emerald, pistachio and yellow-green are just some of my personal favorites, so today, I am going to share the favorite discoveries of these gorgeous shades!

I think green is a gorgeous color for sports on the beach. Whether you choose a bikini or a blouse, green (especially emerald green) can provide the perfect popular color, which looks very fashionable and exquisite!

The summer of 2021 is about color. If you want to add a bright piece to your wardrobe, you might consider green dresses, especially emerald or yellow-green dresses! Super simple style (just choose nude or white accents), these special shades are absolutely stunning, but also generally flattering.

Another gorgeous shade in the green series is of course mint! I noticed that peppermint blouses are becoming more and more popular, so I just need to include the gorgeous pieces below! Try to match these beauties with white swimwear or nude/tan collections.

Khaite Beth ribbed knit mid-length skirt | Bottega Veneta high heels (also like These ones Those ones)

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