05, Aug, 2021
Red, white, blue

Red, white, blue

Clothing details:
Macgraw dress; CS skirt

We are approaching the end of June, which means that July 4th is coming. When summer really starts, I like it. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, there is any excuse to spend more attractive time in or near the water. Here, we are picking blueberries. This is one of C’s favorite outings, not including getting wet! We are currently making plans for the weekend vacation, staying at home for a day or two on the beach, having a barbecue in the backyard, and finally setting off fireworks near the water.I have pulled out some holiday items with subtle hints of red, white and blue to wear in the next few weeks, like this fun navy blue and white butterfly print skirt. See the full edit style below to celebrate!

This flax flower camisole The blue and white tones provide a simple style for summer and night.

A straw Tote bag With extra structure and extra red, it brings fun in summer.

Blue and white stripes add a nautical touch to this relaxing summer Cardigan sweater.

Children's blue summer dress

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