05, Aug, 2021
Summer Homewear-Julia Berolzheimer

Summer Homewear-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
Love Tanjane sweater, Jenni Kayne pants

During our recent visit to the California coastline, being able to wear lightweight sweaters and knit pants was a welcome change. Compared with the heat and humidity at home, the cool morning and evening feel very good. It reminds me of how much I like to snuggle in comfort items that feel just right. Summer homewear styles may vary depending on where you live, but the basic theme is always comfort. As shown in the picture below, most of my favorites use soft colors and soft neutral patterns, exuding a sense of calm and happiness.But I totally like to wear some interesting things, such as this comfortable tie-dye Sweater, And make me feel better!

Sometimes I just want to hang out in comfortable pajamas.Striped long sleeves T-shirt and shorts set Gave me the perfect excuse!

This Jumpsuit Very soft and comfortable, easy to put on and take off. You will want to wear it all day long.

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