05, Aug, 2021
My Newborn Essentials-Former Caviar by Louise Roe

My Newborn Essentials-Former Caviar by Louise Roe

Hi, everybody! Since the arrival of Inès, all the information I have received has touched me deeply, and we are enjoying the first few weeks in the baby bubble. It’s definitely easier to know what I need the second time, but deciding what your newborn needs is still completely irresistible. So, I decided to create my newborn essentials guide for novice parents and experienced parents! I have to reuse many things from when Honor was very young because I know we have a girl, but most of the newborn necessities below me can be used for any child.I have added all content (or similar content) to my babies and pregnant women section Amazon Store.


Baby Mori One Piece

The softest one I found, made by Baby Mori pajamas with Swaddle bag In delicious organic cotton and bamboo. I kind of wish I could have a match. The colors are simple, but very useful: stripes, blue, pink, and plain colors. I have ordered these in bulk.

Perhaps the most interesting part of having a girl is dressing up. Since she was a child, I have used a lot of Honor’s things, but I also like to discover new brands, especially British brands. I found that many brands provide clothing for babies and toddlers, so Honor and Inès can be matched.Some of my favorites include Coquettish, Beautiful child with Aden + Anai. Every time I take a girl out, I must prevent myself from changing into new clothes. Amaya Have dress This is the same as my mother gave me when I was a kid, suitable for babies and girls.I have a few of them Face mask They are so soft, with gorgeous patterns, some of them match the clothing.


Butterr was founded by two mothers and made the softest nursing pillow. I like these because they are easy to carry and sustainable manufacturing. It’s worth it to really determine what you like with a breastfeeding pillow-I like being able to breastfeed anywhere, so having a Butterr pillow is perfect. This One is also cute This One is very suitable for night feeding.

This breast pump is the best. Small and portable, it also has a vacuum, you can switch between the two, so it’s easier to suck. Their breast shields can fit your body shape because they are very flexible and soft, and there are no hundreds of wires and plugs in the box-thank goodness.

Simple to use, well-loved brand, These bottles (Various sizes) Constantly rotating.

I have these everywhere; in the car, my handbag, Mackenzie’s pocket…These ones There is a reusable shell and the silicone is very soft. I really did my research with dummies and these are my highest rated (they are also the highest rated by Amazon!)



When people say you can never have enough tulle… this is 100% correct. Aden + Anai There are some very beautiful prints of different materials; cotton and viscose fibers made of bamboo, the more they are washed, the softer they become.I like their layered cotton tulle sleeping bag Likewise, it can keep babies cool overnight and does not require baby sheets.

You will see me talking about this in my story before, but this cradle is a genius. It can rotate and rotate completely (I found none of the others rotate), side down, so you can let your little baby lie on the bed next to you, but still in their own small space. I showed it to my mother the other day, and she said she hoped she would have one when my sisters and I were babies! This product from Halo Sleep has a see-through mesh surface, so I don’t have to get up to check her, and there are some very technical additional features on some models with soft vibration settings, soothing sounds and night lights.


I like to get brand recommendations from readers and I am very happy to find Naty Nappies. There is no oil or plastic on the baby’s skin, reducing the risk of diaper rash, and the packaging is all made from renewable materials. Each bag also contains different illustrations…not that Inès noticed, but it was interesting to me!I am using them Water towel.

Arguably, one of the hardest things to find is the perfect replacement bag. Moms have different needs, so this time I use a tote bag.Cezanne has This oversized handbag. 100% organic cotton, rose or blue floral print, long shoulder strap, zipper closure, and matching accessories such as toiletry bag, cosmetic bag and jewelry box.

Bath time

This Avent Baby thermometer Go to the bath and in the nursery in Inès, so I don’t have to worry about the temperature often-nothing to worry about!

Additional features

The baby in the bodyguard and the baby next to him are cute Baby Bjorn Super safe. If you need to free your hands or just want to take a break, these are perfect options. They are very chic; with accessories such as toys, extra seats or transport bags, they can be used for newborns.

Many mummies I know use (and swear) Artipoppe baby carriers. There are a lot of colors, prints and materials, so you have a lot of choices, and you can match your strap to your outfit according to your needs! I like velvet ones. Atipope There are slings and slings suitable for toddlers… I can’t imagine Honor staying on the sling long enough. There is also free worldwide shipping.

The only baby book I got. Simple and concise-it is a bestseller for a reason.


I know not to buy a lot of toys for Inès, because she won a lot of honors when she was born.The one we bought at the hospital is from Hug + kindness (Avery Lamb…obviously). For every doll purchased, through cuddle+kind’s global donation partners, we will provide ten meals for children in need. Through these gorgeous knitted toys handmade in Peru, they have provided more than 13 million meals to children in need.

I’m always looking for suggestions, so please tell me what you use for newborns and I will add it to the list.


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