06, Aug, 2021
How to choose paint color

How to choose paint color

I learned a lot from decorating the house. Interior design has always been my passion, but when I was designing our new home, I discovered a whole new unexplored world-one of which is paint. Edward Burmer Gave us a lot of help in our paint selection, so I shared some of his important tips for anyone who might want to do a little work-this is how to choose paint colors.

Use natural pigments

Great things Edward BurmerThe Natural Paint series is that they are completely…natural. I don’t know that most of the paint on the streets is full of plastic. Recent studies have shown that some of their toxins can harm our health, let alone the earth. Edward Burmers Paint is made of natural mineral pigments, which is better for you and your home. Breathable paint is the best choice for heritage or listed houses-durable but allows walls and woodwork to breathe. So now that you know that natural paint is the way forward, which color should you choose?

Start with the architecture

Edward said that the characteristics of any period should be the focus of your choice. An old fireplace or old wooden floor can help decide which shades and colors are best. For example, there are some mid-blue tones that have warm and cool tones-light blue is suitable for medium oak, while warm colors are suitable for dark oak. It’s worth getting some help with tones- Edward Burmer Explain that once you get the right tone, color is really a matter of choice. “Personally, I try to maintain neutral tones in public areas and preserve more intense colors for the rooms we live in.”

Use the color wheel to calculate complementary color pairs

Using opposite colors can really combine a scheme. E.g, Trump Dayton’A pair will be French blue; thigh Well matched Nile water with brick Is a perfect pair indigo. Use Edward Burmer Color wheel, see which colors complement and contrast with each other, and which colors will give you a balanced tone.


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