05, Aug, 2021
Summer pleated style-Julia Berolzheimer

Summer pleated style-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
HVN dress, Everlane sneakers

Few styles are as comfortable and reliable as the smocking style. There are a variety of pleated items to choose from, and it is easy to find suitable items, especially dresses and tops. Whether it’s the interpretation of the bohemian style or the simple and classic A-shape, the shirring adds natural, feminine and likable details. This easy-to-wear, sometimes pull-on style, is also perfect for travel packaging because it rarely wrinkles.I brought this retro-style shuffling Plaid dress Travel with me to the nearest mountain, wearing simple clothes all day White sneakersAnd then in the evening with Leather sandalsCheck out more of my favorite summer shirring styles below.

This grid Midi dress With an imperial waistline and square neckline, it has a flattering and easy-to-wear style.

I like this subtle drama Puff sleeve top, Very suitable for matching shorts in summer or even jeans in early autumn.

A kind of lightweight cotton skirt A simple choice for summer, this white style has the added benefit of elastic gathers, beautiful lace details and adjustable shoulder straps.

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