06, Aug, 2021
Cute tennis and golf equipment

Cute tennis and golf equipment

Clothing details:
Marysia Sportclean top and skirt

A little-known fact about me is that I started playing tennis when I was in college. I even participated in a summer private class, but apart from the occasional game with Thomas, I didn’t really participate in the game again until we moved to the south. Thomas and I started playing for a while after moving in, but eventually stopped after C was born.Earlier this year, some of my friends and I participated in the competition again, and recently even tried the kimchi ball (in this dress, the last time I saw Here). Although Thomas is an avid golfer, which means I will learn the basics, tennis will still be my personal sport of choice. Even so, I added golf equipment to the cute sports style summary below for wearing on and off the course and putting green this season.

This kind of pull-on Tennis shortage With light-colored flares and stretch fabrics, it provides you with plenty of space to move quickly on the court.

You will want this spacious stripe Canvas handbag Everywhere, from carrying sports equipment to packing towels and snacks for the pool or beach.

This college style Shirt skirt Get ready for your golf game, whether on or off the court, including shorts and wrinkle-free fabrics added below!

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