06, Aug, 2021
What’s on my bedside table

What’s on my bedside table

I have been thinking about what different things I can do in my new house, and turning our bedroom into a comfortable and quiet space is a real priority.As Mackenzie and I work from home. Each room (sometimes) is used as a temporary office, but the bedroom must be a quiet refuge, and the things on my bedside table must reflect this. After a long day, find a place to exhale and let your eight hours… Of course, there are fewer newborns now.

Bedside tables are usually not Thought about it, but they have a greater impact on your emotions than you think. A pile of unread books can actually cause more stress than inspiration. I even once interviewed Kate Hudson and she said that she had an energy crystal on her bedside table, but she had to move one because it was too powerful, and she thought it made her nightmare. For those of us who do not sleep well, having the right habits and smells, supplements or oils before going to bed can make sleep peaceful. Below I outline the things on my bedside table.


I started with a controversial…flower. Many people say that they should avoid the flowers by the bed because they will steal all the oxygen, but others always put some flowers by the bed and sleep soundly. So I was torn. If I sleep by the open window in summer, then I like to put a small vase on the windowsill. My favorite bedroom flower?

Peony: Pink and feminine, you only need four to five such large flowers to fill a vase. My favorite flower of all time, all seasons.

Freesias: They remind me of English country gardens

Hydrangea: Followed by my favorites forever, these can make any room look beautiful.I like purple, green and cream

Delphiniums: tall and beautiful, the purple varieties look beautiful, all clustered together

Herbs: They give any bouquet a quaint charm and smell very good.


Low-wattage lights in yellow or orange tones really help you relax. I like small lamps with a gathered fabric lampshade (Little devil Is my favorite place), I also like wall lamps: a good place to save space and frame the headboard well.


I buy antique silver mirror frames from Ebay or charity shops and fill them with family portraits. Whether these are old photos of my grandma riding a horse, or phone snapshots of Mackenzie and Honor, it is a lovely feeling to see your loved one instead of the phone screen when you first wake up.

End with a trumpet

End the dining table with trinkets and dishes that really make your bedside table feel complete.I have a candle holder that can double as a jewellery plate

With drawers or doors

Bedside tables can quickly become disorganized, so avoid the temptation to use shelves. Instead, choose closed drawers or mismatched Victorian pot cabinets, which can be perfectly mixed in different rooms!Antique cabinets usually have small cabinets, but in some Eaves, I use a stool or chair instead.

Scrolling through will completely change the discovery of your bedside table. What are you insisting on?

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