06, Aug, 2021
A new denim skirt style to replace your denim mini skirt

A new denim skirt style to replace your denim mini skirt

Don’t get me wrong, denim miniskirts will never go out of style…they are classics, the main feature, if you like them, you should definitely wear them! But… if you are looking for updates, this season’s fashionable version, namely denim mid-length or even long skirts, is definitely something you should try!

How much I like to wear my mid-length denim skirts… Usually, I like to pair them with something that fits well, such as the Khaite knit top that I have worn almost everything recently!

Black in summer, really? Hmm…yes, because black and denim have something super chic, and you can always add a little color to the accessories.

A small black strapless number like this will be a good closet staple, because you can pair it with almost everything!

Link to some other favorite denim midis and maxis below. I especially prefer the middle one, because it looks absolutely amazing when paired with a bra top and an oversized shirt!

Ok! Some other top styles need to be considered… Denim mid-length or long skirts with nude or white bodysuits will also look very unique. Bodysuits are a big trend this summer, but I like their versatility and wear resistance, so if you haven’t added one to your arsenal, I highly recommend it!

Although we are wearing flat shoes this summer, I think denim mid-length or long skirts look very unique with high heels. Denim skirts are casual in nature, and high heels help elevate them to a more elegant and chic level.

Khaite Lucie strapless ribbed sweater optimal (Also love This, This, with This A) Making old denim with Maggie Short skirt (Also love This, This, with This A) Gia Borghini x RHW Rosie 1 sandals (Also love These ones, These ones, with These ones Those ones)

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