06, Aug, 2021
Picnic film-Julia Berolzheimer

Picnic film-Julia Berolzheimer

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At this time of the year, a picnic is always a treat, whether planned or spontaneous, in the backyard or on the road. We often have picnics, choosing to have lunch under an umbrella on the lawn in our backyard, on the beach (to be honest, this is a bit challenging for toddlers and the beach), or on a picnic table in the park. There are many picnics at this time of year Supplies are available, this is a good time to buy picnic essentials for use now and next season. Remember, picnic equipment is also a wonderful wedding, shower, hostess and birthday gift!

classic work Picnic basket It will never go out of style. This piece is made of hand-woven willow and lined with interesting green checkered cloth, suitable for summer use.

I like to use beautiful blankets like this cotton block print quilt Create a wonderful picnic environment.

This spacious canvas Picnic Tote It will contain all the necessities in an easy-to-carry manner and is equipped with a drawstring lining to store items.

Outdoor picnic supplies
Outdoor picnic supplies

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