05, Aug, 2021
Amazon Sunday-Julia Berolzheimer

Amazon Sunday-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
Amazon jacket, Rag & Bone T-shirt, Vince shorts, New York Heritage Jewellery & Brent Neale necklace

Welcome to Amazon Sunday, where you can find the latest Amazon fashion this week that I am particularly excited to share.The highlight of the week is the beautiful embroidered linen jacket With a simple all-white summer style. This versatile jacket looks glamorous with a dress or denim, and is the perfect piece for the transition to early autumn.See more weekly Amazon favorites below and visit our Amazon storefront Now you can wear a variety of everyday styles!

Pair with this lightweight seersucker to create a relaxing and romantic style Tulle top With your favorite summer items.

This straw and leather handbag It will become your favorite bag on the front door to carry all your summer essentials.

Light folds and soft ruffles outline this beautiful pink Layered dress For the feminine touch.

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