06, Aug, 2021
Summer Skincare-Julia Berolzheimer

Summer Skincare-Julia Berolzheimer

Clothing details:
JB x LAKE pajamas suit; Neely & Chloe x JB makeup case

I became very picky about what I applied to my skin and the treatments I tried after facial treatments caused my skin to become extremely irritated and inflamed. Since then, my skin has been recovering, which allowed me to find some amazing lines that worked well without being too rough. Dr.storm The product is one of them. The skin care series are great and always make my skin feel hydrated and healthy. I am also a big fan of Biossance.I have been using this organic product line for a few years now and have a few tried and true favorites, including Moisturizing cream, lip balm, with Sunscreen (It contains zinc, which can really protect the skin from sunlight).We are happy to find Kingfield Insect repellent products, this is a must-have in the South at this time of year. Please refer to the example below to learn about the summer skin care products I am using now!

We found this Insect repellent It works very well in the warm and humid summer in the south.

I like this lip balm Gently smoothes and moisturizes my lips without stickiness. The tube is easy to carry around.

Use this extra nourishment to keep your skin hydrated and shiny Body oil This adds to the subtle warmth of the sun.

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