05, Aug, 2021
Gifts for Toddlers-Julia Berolzheimer

Gifts for Toddlers-Julia Berolzheimer

I can’t believe our little girl will be two years old in just a few weeks! A lot of things happened, we kept it simple and fun by hosting a party in our backyard, where there is a small group of farm animals, many balloons and bubbles. Finding gifts for young children is particularly challenging because there are so many toys and goodies to choose from, coupled with the changing likes and dislikes of children. We tried to narrow our list with some of C’s favorite toys of all time, and then added a series of new ideas that we think every toddler will love. You will notice that the products linked in this article will lead you to a brand new shopping experience called “Split”. We work with this experience to provide you with an easy way to buy with us Certain posts and products automatically earn cash back (through Split-qualified retailers). Please see below to learn about some of the gifts we are considering for C, and sign up for Split now to start making money!

C 和她的Maileg together to play mouse Always love this little Beach suit Add to her collection.

This Mini style vesta Very cute, with three wheels to increase balance, and a stylish retro style design suitable for children aged 1-5.

One of the things we like to watch C do is in her little kitchen. This Minimal monogram apron It fits perfectly and can be worn when cooking with dad!

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