06, Aug, 2021
Our new restaurant-new tableware, pillows, etc.

Our new restaurant-new tableware, pillows, etc.

Hey guys, just want to share some pictures of our updated restaurant. Edward and I like simple and practical spaces, and Scandinavian decoration is definitely where we draw inspiration from. We all like minimalist color palettes, modern furniture and mixed textures.

I like our old tableware very much, but we used to have a rustic wooden table, so we chose cream-colored, textured tableware, which is quite eye-catching against the dark wood. However, it did not work well on our new marble table, so we decided it was time for an update. We found these plates at Walmart, and Gap just launched their Home series, and these plates are part of it!Initially, I wanted to only get White tableware (Like how simple and minimal it is) but blue It’s amazing… Now, I’m glad I got both, because I like the way they are mixed together.

We also added some carpet (I kind of like to use them as footstools) and Throw pillows Various shades of blue add a bit of color to our room.

I think we have to deal with our living room next (like Throw pillows Below), of course, I will definitely share our progress with you!

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